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Since April 2022, LALA is running a small artist residencies program. The space has a bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen, wi-fi, hot water, a first aid kit and overall the house is adapted to the needs of hosting guests. If you would like to become a resident of LALA, please send a message here.

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Veronique Tromokratisch

(Official resident and megapatroness)

The space houses an archive, but also often hosts the outsider avant-drag artist Veronique Tromokratisch herself, who lived in the house for four years before moving out of Athens. Veronique Tromokratisch was born in a small town of exiled artists in 1983 (indigo kid). She likes poetic deconstruction and internal revolutions, pop art and shenanigans, she is a self-destructive poor girl, fashion terrorist, ex-human, painter, poet, priestess and whore + gemini.

Alvina Chamberland

(May 2022, March/April 2023)
Alex Alvina Chamberland is a Swedish-US American writer and performance artist based in Berlin. She has an MA in gender studies from Södertörns Högskola, with a thesis on trans feminine sisterhood and intersectionality in New York City.

Aimee Le & Marc Sutton (AiMARK)

(July 2022)

AiMARK is a nonbinary poetry system based in the US and the UK. Its work seeks to push the boundaries of human and artificial memory, highlight new translations and evolve queer forms of reproduction.

Aimée Lê is a Vietnamese-American artist; Her work focuses on untranslatability, conceptual excess, authorial control and the ‘anecdotal’ through the lens of internationalism.

Sofia Moreno

(September/October 2022)
Sofia Moreno (Coahuila, Mexico 1981) is a multidisipliary artist based in CDMX. Her work focuses on the alchemical change of her body, extolling and supporting trans culture through her experience and worldview, emphasising the violence trans femme bodies face in Latin America.

Sophia Efsthathiou

(June 2023)
Sophia Efstathiou works in philosophy of science, ethics of technology and art-based approaches to philosophy and responsible research and innovation (RRI). She has worked as an “embedded philosopher” in different interdisciplinary science projects, including in complexity science, systems biology, and biotechnology. She is interested in stimulating and exercising response-ability in science, through humanities and arts resources.
Eva H.D

Eva H.D.

(October 2023)
As part of her residency, Eva H.D. presented “Jackals & Fireflies”, a 20-minute city suite, a poetic cinematic essay, directed by Charlie Kaufman and written and performed by Eva herself. Eva H.D. wrote Rotten Perfect Mouth, The Natural Hustle, and Light Wounds. Her poem “Bonedog” was featured in the 2020 Netflix film I’m Thinking of Ending Things.

Nela Fortunato

(February 2024)
LALA had the pleasure of welcoming a new resident from Buenos Aires, director Nela Fortunato, whose 2-week performance workshop culminated in a final public performance.
Anastasia Kavada

Anastasia Kavada

(April-May 2024)
Anastasia Kavada is Reader in Media and Politics at the University of Westminster where she leads the MA in Media, Campaigning and Social Change. This installation is her first artist project.