(15 February 2023)

“A new space in the Victoria neighbourhood embraces the queer community with an emphasis on the element of interpersonal contact, away from the superficial appropriation of queer by institutions.”

Montez Press Radio

(February 2023)
«Conversations with organisers of queer DIY art spaces in Athens, recorded in Feb 2023 in Athens and London. Erica Scourti, with LALA and Lara Alkisiti Papadaki from AMOQA and tunes from the Fytini label (Athens).»

(21 June 2022)

“LALA – The new space for the underground queer scene of Athens.”


(19 March 2023)

“Welcome to Dreamland with the Dream Film Festival From 31 March to 2 April, immerse yourself in an unknown cinema that feels like… a dream.”