Rebirthing Ourselves: A User’s Manual (+ Rebirth-day party!)

Rebirthing Ourselves: A User’s Manual (+ Rebirth-day party!)

May 17, 2024 8:00 pm

This event brings together participants to present performances and videos on the theme of rebirthing yourself after a period of change or trauma.

The event marks the closing day of Anastasia’s residency at LALA where she created an installation at LALA’s bedroom, depicting a process of rebirth after the trauma of infertility. The installation picks up on a quote by Ursula Le Guin on menopausal women going through a period of painful and radical change:

“The woman who is willing to make that change must become pregnant with herself, at last. She must bear herself, her third self, her old age, with travail and alone. Not many will help her with that birth.”

Anastasia’s installation creates a space of reflection, both on what came before and on what this process of rebirth can bring forth. It is a space that allows us to hold our vulnerability and imperfection without judgement, to face the process of rebirth with all its unpredictability and ambivalence.

The performances and videos in this event interrogate the process of rebirth: What is it that sets it in motion? How is it done and laboured over? Is it ever finished? And what are the feelings, thoughts, actions and inactions associated with this process?

Participants include:

Angelos Charalambous
Anastasia Kavada
Antigoni Bunny Tsagkaropoulou
Antoinetta Angelidi & Rea Walldén
Er Libido
Fil Ieropoulos
Maria Glyka
Petros Touloudis

The event will be followed by a Rebirth-day party to celebrate Anastasia’s actual birthday, and the end of her residency at LALA. Drinks will be generously provided, but donations (financial or in kind) are always welcome!

7.00 – 9.00 the installation will be open to the public
9.00 – 10.30 event with video and performances
10.30 Rebirth-Day Party!

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