Latin American and Caribbean video show

September 25, 2022 8:30 pm

El Futuro es Infertil o no sera : Muestra de video de América Latina y el Caribe II Actos

Act I
Artists: Johan Mijail (RD), José Ramón Sahagún(MX), Addly Muff (MX),Yunuen Rhi+ Anibal Simon Sandoval (MX+CL), Brendyzinha, Larissa Cemitério, Pe Ferreira,Kelton Campos,Diana Jetkiss (BR)

Act II
Sofia Moreno
P o r n A g a i n Vol. 1-Vol.2

Curator Sofia Moreno
Venue: ΛΑΛΑ

ΛΑΛΑ invites you to El Futuro es Infértil o no será : Muestra de video de América Latina y el Caribe II Actos, which will take place on September 25 in Athens, Greece. This selection of videos was organised by the current artis in residence in ΛΑΛΑ Sofia Moreno, in collaboration with s+s project project; nomadic cultural project interest in the collaborative network between artists interested in the exploration, reflection and recovery of personal archives.

Sofia Moreno (Coahuila, Mexico 1981) multidisipliary artist based in CDMX, has held solo and group exhibitions in Latin America, the US and Europe. Chicago Cultural Center, Participant Inc, Hemispheric Institute at New York University and Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico, among others. Her work focuses on the alchemical change of her body, extolling and supporting trans culture through her experience and worldview, emphasising the violence trans femme bodies face in Latin America. Her work intertwines Mesoamerican mythology and TransNoir science fiction to produce a speculative identity politics born of the ancient and the not yet here. Her stylized body of work is constantly evolving, recycling raw materials from previous performances and installations in a ritual setting. She is currently the director of the s+s project.

El Futuro es Infertil o no sera : Muestra de video América Latina y el Caribe II Acts is a work compiled from experimental works within a imaginative, glamourous , social and collective practices within times of technologies linked to individualism ,interactivity and aesthetics I Act was selected by the artist Sofia Moreno the selection of these works was thru a personal invitation via direct message.These different artists position themselves in new ways of existing ,thru the invocation and assistance of new technologies either as personal ritual or by creating new digital universes by using devices that are already installed in our lives in such a “natural” way to stay. These proposals for digital, transvestite and apocalyptic universes have been made by Latin American artists currently working between 2012-2022. These works propose the materialization of other identities through technology and outside the rules of the world of art and cinema. .El Futuro es Infértil o no sera is also a visual accompaniment to Moreno’s ten year project P o r n A g a i n. More than a decade of erotic catharsis, self objectification from the domestic and the amateur . Bringing the most intimate to a transformative discovery of new possibilities outside the production of the hegemonic audiovisual language. Sofia Moreno transports us to witness the detachment of matter to a necro sensual poetry through anthropic aesthetics, where political beasts are in a constant tension creating their own space, indignant and at the same time excited as if the bodies themselves demand it . The curation of this video series ranges from audiovisual experiences, performative and pharmacological rites.