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Nela fortunado

Nela Fortunato – SOPA

February 19, 2024 8:00 pm

LALA had the pleasure of welcoming a new resident from Buenos Aires, director Nela Fortunato, whose 2-week performance workshop culminated in a final public performance.

“If SOPA is an adventure, an eccentric wish, an intuition, an exit, or rather an entrance, a full body exaggerated self reflection, an ode to peculiarity; this EXPLORATION on SOPA is an invitation to open its questions, on its own logic. There is a text from a performative play: SOPA (σούπα/soup). There are various topics, triggers. There´s an amazing space: Lala, welcoming an Argentinian director, Nela Fortunato with a proposal: to collaborate with a local group of artists during 2 weeks. Finding new images and queries. The translatable, the impossible, the norm, the absurd. Transgression and control.  What makes yourself you? on and off stage? What makes us us? What have we been imposed, implied, suggested, obliged to? What in our moving, breathing, exists only within our assigned gender, age? How can we disrupt, distress and or refuse hetero cis normativity, binarism?”