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Nela Fortunato – SOPA

Nela fortunado

LALA had the pleasure of welcoming a new resident from Buenos Aires, director Nela Fortunato, whose 2-week performance workshop culminated in a final public performance.



H(E)AVENS – A four-day festival on the role of private foundations in the field of culture ≡ Athens, 7-10 December 2023

Between Presence & Absence

Between Presence & Absence

Responding to the invitation of the curator of the exhibition “outraged by pleasure”, Nadja Argyropoulou, LALA presents an event-collage of spoken word, video and performance, based on memory/forgetting, fragments, archives and dreams, with an emphasis on queer trauma, personal loss and the outsider footnotes of history. The event is dedicated to the memory of activist and drag performer Zackie Oh and queer filmmaker and performer Jack Smith. It is also the culmination and final event of the first curatorial phase / first cycle in the story of LALA.

DAGLARA – Ciao Amore

DAGLARA - Ciao Amore

LALA and the theriodonta kross DAGLARA invite you, for two nights only, at her first exposition of her pictorial world, and much more.

Real/Fake/Drag/Meat – Sophia Efstathiou & Chicks on Speed

If drag exposes the performativity/artificiality of gender can plant-based meats produce new definitions of ‘realness’ when it comes to food? Learning from queer and feminist politics, Real/Fake/Drag/Meat messes with definitions of ‘natural’ and ‘fake’ while maintaining a playful attitude. LALA presents the artistic research collaboration between Chicks on Speed and the project MEATigation, led by […]

Tribute to dada artist and pioneer Hannah Höch!

On May 28th LALA celebrates the life and work of our beloved Dadaist and pioneer of feminist artHannah Höch, 45 years after her death.Höch’s work put forward a gender dimension and a very important question regarding the male dominated Dadaist project and is considered by now a necessary political note for understanding the early avant-garde. […]

Pop Mortem by April Sparks

Sound artist, lyricist and performer April Sparks invites you to a sonic ritual, an identity purification through an obsessive dissection of the modern Greek song, a reconsideration of pop music. Fragmentary lyrics are reused, remixed, re-executed and April, the cruelest month, is deconstructed. *April Sparks has collaborated professionally as a lyricist in english with Georges […]

Tribute to Carolee Schneemann

ΛΑΛΑ and the Perverts Cine Club (PCC) proudly present a tribute night to the goddess of multimedia performance art, Carolee Schneemann. The evening will kick off with a screening of a brand new copy of Schneemann’s landmark silent short Fuses, with live soundtrack composed for this event by Kleitos Kyriakides, as well as documentation of […]