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Between Presence & Absence

Between Presence & Absence

October 26, 2023 7:30 pm

Responding to the invitation of the curator of the exhibition “outraged by pleasure”, Nadja Argyropoulou, LALA presents an event-collage of spoken word, video and performance, based on memory/forgetting, fragments, archives and dreams, with an emphasis on queer trauma, personal loss and the outsider footnotes of history. The event is dedicated to the memory of activist and drag performer Zackie Oh and queer filmmaker and performer Jack Smith. It is also the culmination and final event of the first curatorial phase / first cycle in the story of LALA.

Curated/devised by Fil Ieropoulos
Hosted by Elena Poughia & Fil Ieropoulos

The collage includes performances and works by LALA collaborators in its first 18 months of operation, as well as textual references to people who have influenced us.

Alexandros Katsis / Andriana Minou / ANOSIA / Antoinetta Angelidi + Rea Walldén/ Baby Ostinato-Alexandros Drosos / Elena Poughia / Erica Scourti / Eva H.D. / Fil Ieropoulos / FYTA + friends / George Kounanis / Ivi Kaiserli / Jack Halberstam / Jack Smith / Jerry Tartaglia / Kathy / Nanah Palm + Danae Syrrou + Louisa Doloksa / Parakatyanova / Tända Lysa / Tyfoid / Zackie Oh

The photo of the event is by Alexandros Katsis from Zackie Oh’s house.