Indigenous AI: a conversation with Adina Popescu

Indigenous AI: a conversation with Adina Popescu

October 24, 2023 8:00 pm

Data is a tricky thing. It does not show us “reality”. It merely shows us what we are looking for. If we are looking for a certain pattern, we can train computer vision to identify said pattern. So how do we know what we do not know? How do we train our observational tools in a way that they reflect the complexity and interconnectedness of this incredible planet? How do we see the emergence of patterns that are unknown to us yet? And how do we include indigenous knowledge that is not represented in our shared Western databases? This event was part of the Dream Palace Residency and Symposium in partnership with LALA.

Adina Popescu

The founder of an A.I. platform called ÆRTH. She has teamed up with NASA /JPL‘s earth systems scientists, machine learning experts & citizen scientists, working on collaborative learning models for our planet, in order to map and simulate solutions for Earth. She is a Philosopher and a creative technologist and was a pioneer in VR/AR. She has advised Apple & Conservation International and Paramount Studios as early as 2014 on Virtual Reality, the Metaverse and storytelling. She has advised Deutsche Bank and have trained McKinsey consultants on VR/AR. Over time she started publishing extensively on data privacy in a growing digitally connected world, based on her experiences in VR, real-time data and digital twinning with a growing concern for privacy and human rights infringements. As a public speaker at the Energy Transition Dialogue, UNESCO and GEZ she has advocated for decentralised digital frameworks and have advised the German Government on privacy preserving protocols.

Elena Poughia

Elena Poughia is an art curator & entrepreneur working at the intersection of art and tech. She has curated shows in Athens and Berlin, worked with established galleries and institutions and one of the founding members of LALA. She is also the MD of Dataconomy, one of the top 10 AI magazines & educational platforms in the world, and the founder of Data Natives, Europe’s largest data science community.