DAGLARA - Ciao Amore

DAGLARA – Ciao Amore

September 30, 2023 9:00 pm

LALA and the theriodonta kross DAGLARA invite you, for two nights only, at her first exposition of her pictorial world, and much more. Martyrish cross pieces with existential purport and paleo art aesthetics, in an obsessive journey of beauty and pain. A caterpillar truck reversing uphill in a confessional head-on, idiosyncratic self-exposure for the eyes of bootyvorous audience. The works are part of a trans-species vision of queer identity which redefines the ancestral Great Goddess archetypes as powerful, aggressive crossovers between beastly femininity, high fashion and underground Greek culture.

Ciao Amore is a blueprint of the theriodonta kross’ adventures at night. Unabashedly monumental, the gorgonopsid beauty shares her personal Golgotha with you.

The opening party, hosted by YOTA5 on the decks, will take place on Saturday, September 30. Doors open at 21:00. The exhibition will run until Sunday, October 1st. Whoever managed the kross did see.

DAGLARA studied fashion at the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp and is a fashion designer, artist and performer. She lives in Athens, where she runs her homonymous brand. Concurrently, she has worked as a costume designer and a performer in international and domestic productions, among others for the Greek National Opera and the Athens Epidaurus Festival.