Real/Fake/Drag/Meat – Sophia Efstathiou & Chicks on Speed

If drag exposes the performativity/artificiality of gender can plant-based meats produce new definitions of ‘realness’ when it comes to food? Learning from queer and feminist politics, Real/Fake/Drag/Meat messes with definitions of ‘natural’ and ‘fake’ while maintaining a playful attitude. LALA presents the artistic research collaboration between Chicks on Speed and the project MEATigation, led by […]

Kenneth Anger: Queer Cinema Pioneer

The Perverts Cine Club (P.C.C.) at ΛΑΛΑ presents a screening of short films by Kenneth Anger who passed away last month. Arguably considered the grandfather of queer cinema, Anger’s uncompromising vision, combining an experimental attitude towards narrative and a luscious baroque camp aesthetic, still appears as luminary and mind-blowing today, a showcase of what queer cinema in the deepest sense can be.

Tribute to dada artist and pioneer Hannah Höch!

On May 28th LALA celebrates the life and work of our beloved Dadaist and pioneer of feminist artHannah Höch, 45 years after her death.Höch’s work put forward a gender dimension and a very important question regarding the male dominated Dadaist project and is considered by now a necessary political note for understanding the early avant-garde. […]

TROUBLE by Penelope Buitenhuis

Continuing the series of screenings on the theme of gentrification, a series that started during Dreamland Film Festival with the film Days, ΛΑΛΑ presents the first Athens screening of quintessential Berlin film and an underground classic, Trouble by Penelope Buitenhuis, produced by our beloved Jürgen Brüning, with a diverse cast and a crew consisting predominantly […]

Barbara Hammer: Short Films

ΛΑΛΑ and the Perverts Cine Club (PCC) present a screening of not previously seen in Athens short films by the pioneer of queer cinema, Barbara Hammer, who passed away in 2019. Barbara Hammer’s work spans over four decades and is in itself an archive of queer history. Her oeuvre shifts between sensitive, poetic celluloid investigations […]

Ron Athey – short films at LALA

Legendary body performance artist Ron Athey in a unique evening at LALA will share with us a few short films from his archives. There will be a Q&A session afterward with Angel Torticollis

Dreamland Film Festival

Dreamland is a new festival, aiming to bring to the surface creators of experimental, otherworldly and avant-garde cinema, so that the audience can have a chance to look at hidden treasures of cinematic history, but also contemporary films. Inspired by the work of Jack Smith, a filmmaker, photographer and performer who was active between the […]

Films & discussion with Jürgen Brüning

Jürgen Brüning is a Berlin-based film producer and director. Helming projects by queer luminaries such as Dennis Cooper, Cheryl Dunye, Thunska Pansittivorakul, G.B. Jones, Shu Lea Cheang, Maria Beatty, Emilie Jouvet, Lior Shamriz, and Ela Troyano, Brüning produced Bruce LaBruce’s debut feature, No Skin Off My Ass and most of the filmmaker’s subsequent projects. We […]

Tribute to Carolee Schneemann

ΛΑΛΑ and the Perverts Cine Club (PCC) proudly present a tribute night to the goddess of multimedia performance art, Carolee Schneemann. The evening will kick off with a screening of a brand new copy of Schneemann’s landmark silent short Fuses, with live soundtrack composed for this event by Kleitos Kyriakides, as well as documentation of […]