Nela Fortunato – SOPA

Nela fortunado

LALA had the pleasure of welcoming a new resident from Buenos Aires, director Nela Fortunato, whose 2-week performance workshop culminated in a final public performance.

Tribute to dada artist and pioneer Hannah Höch!

On May 28th LALA celebrates the life and work of our beloved Dadaist and pioneer of feminist artHannah Höch, 45 years after her death.Höch’s work put forward a gender dimension and a very important question regarding the male dominated Dadaist project and is considered by now a necessary political note for understanding the early avant-garde. […]

Infinite Genesis * AI Poetry workshops

ΛΑΛΑ welcomes our second residents, Aimée Lê and Marc Sutton, aka AiMARK. AiMARK are a nonbinary poetic system based in the US and UK. Their work seeks to transcend the limits of human and artificial memory, iterate new translations, and evolve queer forms of reproduction. Their project “Infinite Genesis” started in early 2022 in London […]

Introducing mrs. Teti’s nail salon at ΛΑΛΑ

She treated us back in 2013 at FYKUS GOLDEN JUBILEE (biennale AGORA) !!!Today, after a journey of self discovery in the arts and the techniques, she welcomes us at ΛΑΛΑ Mrs. Teti and ΛΑΛΑ invite you this Sunday for a nail art soirée for all friends Come spend an easy going Sunday with home made […]