Tribute to dada artist and pioneer Hannah Höch!

May 28, 2023 5:00 pm

On May 28th LALA celebrates the life and work of our beloved Dadaist and pioneer of feminist artHannah Höch, 45 years after her death.
Höch’s work put forward a gender dimension and a very important question regarding the male dominated Dadaist project and is considered by now a necessary political note for understanding the early avant-garde. We invite you to a three-part event, a 5-hour special, beginning with a Dada collage workshop, continuing with films about Höch’s work and life and ending the event with performances dedicated to/inspired by her work.

Workshop: 17-20:00 (for limited pre-registered participants)
Films: 21:00 (open to the public)
We will present the work of
Liz Rosenfeld
Tända Lysa
Barbara Hammer
Nujonakihs & Yu
Ste Atzemi

Performances DADA catwalk: 22:00 (open to the public)

Please register to participate in the DADA workshop at

In this workshop we can focus on creating DADA costumes and fashion, since we will have a lot of fabric materials and knick-knacks (and glue guns), but we can also make collages, sculptures and DADA poetry. We invite you to bring any materials you might have at home, such as books, magazines, cables, old computers, plush toys, scraps of any kind of material or just usable trash!

We will present our creations to the audience of LALA at the end of the evening!

What is Dada?

Apart from the fact that Dada was an art movement that began in the beginning of the 20th century in Zurich, one cannot give a definition of what Dada is, exactly because Dada invited, or rather defied, the world to misunderstand it and fostered every kind of confusion*. A confusion that was only a façade, since some of its goals were to provoke and to deconstruct structures, to create a fuss and to look at art, be it performance, poetry, sculpture, film, collages, painting, clothes or any other form of artistic expression from a totally different perspective. Dada was characterised by playfulness, silliness even, a refusal to be serious but at the same time taking its “unseriousness” very seriously, in terms of publications, engagement to do events and to keep questioning itself and other forms of art and expression.

*Hans Richter: dada art and anti-art, 1965