H(E)AVENS – A four-day festival on the role of private foundations in the field of culture ≡ Athens, 7-10 December 2023


Fallschirmseide/Μετάξι Αλεξίπτωτων

LALA presents the reading of the book Fallschirmseide/Μετάξι Αλεξίπτωτων (Parachute silk), which was published in both German and Greek in 2021 by Spector Books in Leipzig.

Indigenous AI: a conversation with Adina Popescu

Indigenous AI: a conversation with Adina Popescu

Data is a tricky thing. It does not show us “reality”. It merely shows us what we are looking for. If we are looking for a certain pattern, we can train computer vision to identify said pattern.

Jackals & Fireflies screening + Q&A with Eva H.D. and Charlie Kaufman

Current LALA resident Eva H.D. presents “Jackals & Fireflies”, a 20-minute city suite, a poetic cinematic essay, directed by Charlie Kaufman and written and performed by Eva herself. A woman wanders the streets of New York City, takes buses and trains, sits in bars and coffee shops, experiencing the city’s diverse neighborhoods, while thinking about […]

Oral histories: Iossif Vardakis

Beginning this season’s programme, we host the fifth in our series of oral history discussions. This time our guest is Iossif Vardakis, a filmmaker and activist based in Athens. Iossif has just completed the first Greek documentary on the LGBTI scene of the AKOE era and will confide to Fil Ieropoulos personal stories about suburban […]

Real/Fake/Drag/Meat – Sophia Efstathiou & Chicks on Speed

If drag exposes the performativity/artificiality of gender can plant-based meats produce new definitions of ‘realness’ when it comes to food? Learning from queer and feminist politics, Real/Fake/Drag/Meat messes with definitions of ‘natural’ and ‘fake’ while maintaining a playful attitude. LALA presents the artistic research collaboration between Chicks on Speed and the project MEATigation, led by […]

Ron Athey – short films at LALA

Legendary body performance artist Ron Athey in a unique evening at LALA will share with us a few short films from his archives. There will be a Q&A session afterward with Angel Torticollis

Films & discussion with Jürgen Brüning

Jürgen Brüning is a Berlin-based film producer and director. Helming projects by queer luminaries such as Dennis Cooper, Cheryl Dunye, Thunska Pansittivorakul, G.B. Jones, Shu Lea Cheang, Maria Beatty, Emilie Jouvet, Lior Shamriz, and Ela Troyano, Brüning produced Bruce LaBruce’s debut feature, No Skin Off My Ass and most of the filmmaker’s subsequent projects. We […]

Eva Stefani “Nights & Days of Dimitra K” with Q&A

ΛΑΛΑ hosts the work of Eva Stefani, with a screening of “The Box” (2004) and “Days and Nights of Dimitra K” (2021). We will be joined by Eva and Dimitra who will discuss with Fil Ieropoulos the intricacies of creating a documentary, both from the perspective of the filmmaker and the subject of the film. […]