Identity & the metaverse: In conversation with Amir Fattal and Sasha Katz

September 11, 2022 8:00 pm

The digital world is evolving at unprecedented speed, with increasingly sophisticated digital tools allowing us to create parallel realities. Virtual gaming, image alteration, Web3, artificial intelligence, and the coming metaverse are becoming more woven into the fabric of our lives, creating a new realm where we can alter and reimagine ourselves. Self-styled avatars interact with each other, creating a new layer of social reality where binaries and structures can be reinvented.

Metaverse landscapes, hybrid avatars, VR sex: between the universe and the metaverse, artists challenge notions and paradigms around gender, sexuality, race and culture. GENDER BENDER TIME TRAVEL is a traveling exhibition that inaugurated in Berlin in Autumn 2022 by Amit Fatal – 21 acclaimed artists presented their work around sexuality, gender, race and identity through digital media.

Elena Poughia will be in discussion with Amir Fattal, curator of the exhibition and CEO and Founder Geisted, a community of visionary digital creators shaping the future of digital art, together with him Sasha Katz, an artist who lives and works from Athens and explores the delicate tenderness of the female body in its perfect imperfection.

The conversation will start from the curator’s and the artist’s practice to explore topics of identity in art, in the real world and the metaverse – can bodies be genderless? how close are we to talk about a genderless body? How can this new era of digitalization is reshaping the multiple facets of identity politics?

The discussion will take place in English