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I don’t care, body care=self care

July 9, 2022 7:00 pm

Aaaah intestinal summer, there is a breeze on Derigny street. Bodies melting from the heat, oppression, dreams and grooming. A relaxed Saturday of care and self-care next to hot Victoria square. Hot, hot Victoria…! Hot creatures smothered in Athenian cement gather once more @ ΛΑΛΑ.
For all you saltwater and freshwater mermaids, there will be clothes to dress the body, fingernails to scratch and protect it, videos and a performance in the bathroom. All freshly squeezed.

At ΛΑΛΑ you will find:
Clothes by local labels ELFUZZZ and CHNOUBIS
Prints and a dreamy animation by Stella Kavagiou
Videos by avant drag artist Veronique Tromokratisch
Nails by resident nail artist Mrs. Teti
Performance in the bathroom by Kanella Petropoulos (cinnamene)
Dj sets by Lia Smaragda & Filtig

Invitation/curation Spyros Patsouras (Sphoenix)