Me, myself and Generative AI: a discussion

February 10, 2023 8:00 pm

GTP-3, DALL-3, Stable Diffusion – is AI stealing our art? The debate is on. Some Artists refuse to provide data to feed the AI so that it won’t plagiarize their artwork and steal their muse- could this be a tad bit overreacting? Can we not see AI as another new tool to enhance our creative practice? Inspired by bluThan’s comic video essay AI Artists, developers and curators will discuss the topic and hopefully conclude that the earth is not flat. Yet. We will also show some AI generated artwork and fun facts about the age of the internet.

We will first show BluThan’s artwork: “The AI and us”, then we will combat on a healthy debate about what is AI, how will it affect art and consequently all fields of life (thank you, our lord and saviour, chatGPT), and we will conclude with showcasing some AI generated art by our resident artists and advise artists on practical ways to implement AI in their practice and the available tools they can use.

The Artists, curators, and the IT guy (are present):
Than is a multi-disciplinary artist, having worked in video, comics, illustrations, web development and 3D modeling. They are currently mostly known as one of the two halves of the project polycat haus, a 3D-printing mini-farm of self-defense toys and more.

Tända Lysa
Tända Lysa is a glitch art artist and uses AI technology as a creative medium.

Dimitris Doukouglou
Dimitris studied electrical engineering and computer science – he currency works as an illustrator and stand up comedian. He is also very interested in science communication.

Elena Poughia
Elena Poughia is an art curator & entrepreneur working at the intersection of art and tech. She has curated shows in Athens and Berlin, worked with established galleries and institutions and one of the founding members of LALA. She is also the MD of Dataconomy, one of the top 10 AI magazines & educational platforms in the world, and the founder of Data Natives, Europe’s largest data science community.

With surprise guest contributions by: FYTA (maybe present, maybe as AI)
FYTA (Greek: ΦΥΤΑ, meaning plants) are an Athens-based conceptual art and performance art duo. Their work problematises Greek identity and nationalism. FYTA’s work combines different media and disciplines mostly operating within the wider framework of overidentification, queer politics and anti-humanist art, while they aim at a performative destabilisation of concepts of truth and nature / the natural