Queer Film Classics vol.5

October 9, 2022 8:30 pm

The Perverts Cine Club (P.C.C.) at ΛΑΛΑ presents the fifth from a series of screenings of queer arthouse/experimental film/video rarities. This Sunday we continue with the second session dedicated to the 80s on the themes of Protest, Porn, Media, the AIDS crisis.

Jerry Tartaglia, Ecce Homo, 1989, 7’
David Wojnarowicz – Fire in My Belly (extract), 7’
Richard Fung – Chinese Characters, 1986, 21’
Luther Price – Sodom, 1989, 16’
Barbara Hammer – Snow Job: The Media Hysteria of AIDS, 7’
Tom Kallin – They Are Lost to Vision Altogether, 1989, 13’
General Idea, Shut the Fuck Up, 1984, 14’